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General terms and conditions of sale

We invite customers who have logged on to our online flower shop to read the following terms and conditions of sale carefully before placing any order for products through this website. The purchase of a product through this site implies unreserved acceptance by the buyer of these terms and conditions of sale.

Article 1: The products
The Abutilon Art Floral website allows you to order the creations you wish through the different products offered. The product is illustrated with photos relating to your choices.  These images are published for information purposes only to give you ideas. The floral creations will not be identical to the photos on the site. Flowers are a perishable, natural and seasonal product and ase we have to adapt to this fact, each creation is unique. The florists  at  Abutilon Art Floral are highly qualified  and creative, and will  deliver  the order  in a condition  as close as possible to your  requirements.  We consider that the  buyer agrees with this "Abutilon Art  Floral on line" process and therefore we will not accept any claims for not  respecting the examples on the site.

Article 2 : Condition of realisation of the order
To ensure that the floral arrangement you have chosen is carried out in optimum conditions, the order must be received by us before 12 noon on the previous day if you wish to have it delivered the following day. You can place an order for the same day without respecting the deadline, but in this case you must imperatively inform the Abutilon Art Floral staff by telephone, to ensure that they are able to process your order. If you do not follow this procedure, Abutilon Art Floral will process your order in the usual way, i.e. the day before for the following day.  Any order placed in the afternoon without a telephone call will be delivered the next day. If you have a special request (e.g. a large number of flowers of the same variety) we advise you to place your order several days in advance so that we can fulfil your wishes. As soon as we have received your order, you will receive an email confirming that we are able to process it in time. If this is not the case, we will contact you by email or telephone to propose an alternative.

Article 3: Deliveries
We only deliver to the areas indicated on the website. Your floral creations are delivered by a Abutilon Art Floral delivery person to the address indicated in the order. If the delivery is to a suburb, we may contact the recipient by telephone before the delivery to arrange for someone to be present at the address during the time slot requested and to confirm the delivery details. If we encounter any difficulties during delivery, we will contact you again to follow your instructions. Delivery prices are established according to distance  from  the  Company  premises, the amount is  available on the site for  the different zones. If  you wish a delivery outside these  zones, it  is possible, but you must inform  us two days  in advance so that we can make arrangements. In all cases,  we undertake to respect the delivery date, but we cannot commit to a fixed hour. Our experienced  driver will  do his  best to respect the time slot  indicated on the order or  agreed with the recipient, depending on his  route and the traffic. We deliver according to the following  schedules: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, from 12:00 to 13:30.  We do not deliver on weekends except on Valentine's Day and Mother's  Day.  The shop is open according  to the schedule  published on the  website. During holiday periods such  as Valentine's Day and Mother's  Day, you must respect the order deadlines so that we can organise the  delivery of your order.

Article 4: Accuracy of data
In order for us to respect our commitments, we ask you to fill in the mandatory fields of the order with care and accuracy.  If the data is not correct we will not be able to deliver the flower arrangement you have chosen and the order will be put on hold until we can contact you. If we are unable to contact you, the order will be put on hold and cancelled after a few days. In this case we do not guarantee a full refund of the order.

Article 5: Price and Payment
We execute the orders according to the budget you give us, which is agreed upon including VAT.  The VAT rate is linked to the product ordered. The VAT rate of 2.5% applies to cut flowers, orchids, funeral arrangements and arrangements in which the price of the container does not exceed 30% of the total price of the arrangement. We undertake that the price of the container does not exceed 30% of the value of the arrangement so that a rate of 2.5% can apply. Delivery services are linked to the flower and are also taxed at 2.5%. VAT of 7.7% applies to containers and other products purchased already made up.
Orders placed on the Abutilon Art Floral e-commerce site are only accepted with payment by TWINT or invoice. The site offers payment in Swiss Francs.

Article 6 : Quality of the goods
We buy our goods daily from trusted suppliers who assure us of top quality products, both in terms of appearance and freshness. Flowers have a variable life span depending on the variety. An arrangement of cut flowers generally lasts one week under normal temperature and maintenance conditions and an orchid arrangement lasts between one and two months. We cannot be held responsible for variations in duration during periods of extreme heat or in cases of non-respect of common sense rules such as leaving a bouquet without water for several hours, exposing the flowers to temperatures below 10°C, leaving the flowers exposed to direct sunlight, or choosing an unsuitable container in which the flowers will not have enough water to bloom.

Article 7: Guarantees
We do our best to guarantee optimal quality, however, as flowers are a natural and perishable product, it may happen that a product does not hold up well beyond our control. In this case we ask you to inform us within 3 days, by sending us an email on and by attaching a photograph of the damaged composition, you can also bring back the bouquet directly to the shop. Except during hot weather and after checking that the rules of good flower care have been respected, we will replace the goods. If there is any doubt about the origin of the bouquet photographed or its care, Abutilon Art Floral reserves the right to ask the customer to bring it back to the shop before replacing it.  In the case of a gift, if the recipient of the flowers is not satisfied with our services for subjective reasons of preference, we will not make any replacement, nor will we refund the money or credit. We make it a point of honour to respect the sender's choice.

Article 8 : Cancellation
Any order can be cancelled 48 hours before the delivery date. To do this, the customer must notify us by telephone on 0041 32 853 24 44 or on  If this deadline is not respected, the cancellation of the order will not be accepted other than in exceptional cases. If the deadline is met, no charges will be levied.

Article 9: Confidentiality
All data entered in the ordering system are confidential. They will only be used to process your order and will under no circumstances be disclosed to third parties for the purpose of sending advertising. We reserve the right to send you occasional communications on the development of our activities. You may, of course, opt out of receiving these notices. You can also delete your customer account by sending us an email to

Article 10: Legal venue
The company l'Abutilon Art Floral - Christine Blandenier respects Swiss law and applies it to its activities.  The place of jurisdiction is Neuchâtel.

Article 11: Intellectual property
All visuals, photos, texts and comments reproduced on the Abutilon Art Floral website and e-commerce site are subject to copyright and intellectual property rights throughout the world. Any total or partial reproduction of the site is therefore strictly forbidden.

Article 12: Sales Service
We are at your disposal according to the schedule published on the site. This may vary according to holiday periods and festivals. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information by email or by phone 0041 32 853 24 44.
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